Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at EVCUP

EVCUP, the first zero emission circuit racing series with electric vehicles maintains its CSR across three core areas.

Environmental Values

> Carbon offsetting of each race organised event

> Waste disposal at EVCUP races will follow a standard recycling policy

> Offical EVCUP merchandise made from sustainable and/or recyclable materials

> Reduced use of paper throughout

> Sustainable food supplies

> Energy sources used in a responsible way and sourced from renewable means

> Encouraging and supporting innovation that will allow a sustainable use of critical raw materials, e.g. rare earth materials

Educational Values

> Partnering with leading Institutes and Universities to support their efforts in developing breakthrough technologies, by offering them a high profile EV development platform

> Educating developing countries by sharing our knowledge in sustainable transport, providing a part of the solution for sustainable growth

> Creating the link between our technology partners (e.g. in Energy, Automotive, Cleantech) and developing countries, so they get a chance play a role in these fast growing sectors

Embracing Technologies

> Driving innovation in efficient vehicle propulsion – going back to the roots of motor racing when it had a purpose: to test and develop new technologies that would then become mainstream.

> The EVCUP series will support suppliers and manufacturers in developing:

> Better battery chemistries and brand new energy storage solutions, improving energy density which will lead to greater range for all Electric Vehicles

> More efficient drivetrains, including innovations with electric motors and electronics

> Better aerodynamics that will translate into more efficient vehicles

> Supporting the development of renewable energies


To find out more information about our CSR policy please contact us