Why Electric Vehicles?


We are sometimes asked why is EVCUP exclusively focused on Electric Vehicles (EVs), and in what ways do we believe they are superior to the conventional, internal combustion powered cars most of us drive every day?

The best way to answer this question is to take a step back and have an honest look at the energy challenges the world is facing and what are the best and most promising technologies available to us to respond to these challenges.

What is for certain, is that we have to reduce our carbon emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels, so it is essential than we develop alternative ways of getting ourselves from A to B. 

It is becoming very clear that as far as personal mobility is concerned, electric propulsion is the way forward, for various reasons:

  • Its efficiency is far greater than all other forms of propulsion currently in use.
    In a car with an internal combustion engine, you get on average 25% efficiency, which means that for a 100 units of energy (petrol or diesel), only 25 will actually go to the wheel and make the car move, the other 75 are wasted, mostly through friction and heat. Pure electric cars, however, have an average of 80% efficiency (some get near 95%), which means that for the same 100 units of energy (electricity in that case), 80 go to the wheel and make the car move. This is due to the inherent efficiency of electric motors, associated with the fact that electric cars don’t need gearboxes and differentials that create so much friction.
  • It offers the possibility of charging EVs from renewable energies.
    It is true that there are carbon emissions at the power plants that feed electricity to the grid, but at least electric cars offer the choice of how they can be ‘fuelled’, and it is possible to get 100% of the electricity you need to charge your car from renewable energies, with a true zero emission ‘well to wheel’ as a result. With a car powered by a combustion engine, you will always rely on fossil fuel as your only source of energy.
  • Wherever the electricity comes from, it produces zero emission at the tailpipe.
    Which results in a cleaner air for all of us who live in congested, polluted urban environments. This is becoming increasingly important as we witness the growth of mega-cities around the world.
  • Last but not least, EVs offer great performance and are far from being slow.
    They can easily match performance levels of petrol driven cars.  EVCUP’s main purpose is to demonstrate exactly that, through sprint racing. Electric cars are just extremely fun to drive, thanks to their instant torque, which makes for very quick accelerations.

We very much look forward to welcoming you at our EVCUP races, where we will showcasethe best of Electric Vehicle technology in the most exciting, interactive and informative way possible.

Best regards,
The EVCUP team.