EV Cars

Experience the ultimate electric vehicles, leveraging their instant torque provided by electric motors and cutting-edge battery technologies, as they compete in the racing cup at the most challenging circuits.

  • City EV

    City EV

    This class is limited to city focused, production vehicles that can be seen in use today. Starting with single-make races, the City EV class will feature THINK City vehicles that have been prepared to a race specification. In addition to the modified and lightened interior and exterior changes, the vehicle will be running on the latest THINK prepared motor and battery technologies.

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  • Sports EV

    Sports EV

    Based on a bespoke race car developed for the EVCUP race series by Westfield Sportscars, the iRACER is a pure race bred vehicle made for sprint racing. Equipped with a boost button allowing for a surge of energy when executing overtaking manoeuvres, race strategy will play a key role towards victory on the track.

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  • Prototype EV

    Prototype EV

    The Prototype EV class follows a time-trial format allowing for the demonstration of the latest non-production electric vehicles to set competitive lap-times on the most challenging circuits. With little design limitations and no weight or power limits, this class offers an exciting showcase for electric vehicles.

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