Prototype EV

The Prototype EV class follows a time-trial format allowing for the demonstration of the latest non-production electric vehicles to set competitive lap-times on the most challenging circuits. With little design limitations and no weight or power limits, this class offers an exciting showcase for electric vehicles.

The Prototype EV class, will base its results on time trials that showcase the latest non-production electric vehicles.

All prototype vehciles meet the following requirments:

> If not a type-approved road legal car or if an open top car, must incorporate a substantial roll hoop

> Must be fitted with seat belts (minimum 4-point if not type-approved)

> Must have a clearly marked on/off power switch inside the car

> Must have all HV cabling covered in orange sheathing

> Must have any connectors adequately protected/insulated to prevent accidental shorting

For further information on a Prototype Entry, please contact

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