Sports EV

Sports EV Series - Featuring the Westfield iRACER

The iRACER is a track focused electric vehicle, designed and engineered from the ground up as a pure race car...

> Twin motor, direct drive to the rear wheels with adjustable torque biasing control

> Digital dash on steering wheel with multifunctional display

> 1 and 2 seat configuration

The iRACER is the result of a collaborative project between Westfield Sportscars, and Niche Vehicle Network partners Potenza Technology, Delta Motorsport, RDM Automotive, and Coventry University.  Funded through an Advantage West Midlands programme, the vehicle has been styled by upcoming designer Elliott Hawkins from the Royal College of Arts.

Since 1983, Westfield Sportscars continue to manufacture innovative sports cars which lead the niche and component build markets, combining technology, design and passion. Now part of Potenza Sports Cars Limited, a company with the vision: to be the first choice sportscar provider and one of the world's most admired niche vehicle manufacturers, this family investment company continue to invest and develop the expansion of the business.

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  • General

    Kerb Weight: 770kg
    Length: 3600mm
    Width: 1635mm
    Installation: Rear, rear wheel drive
    Weight Distribution: 50/50 split

  • Technical

    Drive motor: Oxford Yasa Motors, 2x60Kw

    Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate, 23kWh

  • Performance

    Peak Power (with boost): 260bhp
    Max Torque (per wheel): 660Nm
    0-60mph: Sub 5 seconds
    Top Speed: 115mph+ (limited)
    Range: Approx. 25 mintues racing