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“Gentlemen, start your chargers, Westfield will star in an EV-only race series next year, with an incredible new electric track car called the iRACER ...anyone coming to the electric Westfield straight out of a petrol-powered racer is likely to head into the first corner at least 20mph quicker than they were expecting to."
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“The EV Cup marks a first in racing ...A variety of series have tried to offer more environmentally friendly alternatives, ranging from biofuel to Formula One’s seeming love-hate relationship with KERS. But the world’s first eco racing series is on the precipice of being realised.”
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“ON THE GRID AND IN PLUG POSITION ...The EV Cup is billed as the world’s first eco-race series. It will feature machines racing in different classes ranging from souped-up, electrified super-minis to single-seat racers and Le Mans-style sports prototypes – and there won’t be a carbon dioxide molecule in sight.”
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“If you've been impatientlywaiting to watch electric cars rip racetrack asphalt asunder, an end to your suffering may be in sight”… ”Holding out a promise of high-profile brand exposure and racing-environment tech development potential, the opportunity should present a seductive proposition for many in the electric vehicle space.” - Autobloggreen



“The fact that EVs are quiet could be of benefit because we could race at times and in places that other series can’t” - Autosport Magazine


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“The scream of super-charged engines will be superseded by the whine of electric motors and squealing tires!” - EV World



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