High sponsorship visibility, safety and the need for individuality amongst race teams is as strong as ever and increasingly style-led. 

Which is right on cue for the signature Italian brand MOMO, which joins the EVCup as an approved race wear and equipment supplier.  Motor sport products have borne the MOMO name since the 1960’s, and MOMO race suits are extensively used by amateur and professional drivers and major teams in a wide range of formulae worldwide, together with MOMO steering wheels, seats and ancillary equipment.  

The combination of cutting design, quality and innovative technology has made MOMO one of the most aspirational brands worldwide.

In support of the greenest motorsport race series in the world, MOMO provides a bespoke racewear design service and discounts to all qualifying EV Cup race teams.

momo racing  momo racing

MOMO - It all began with a passion for motor racing… Giampiero Moretti, an amateur racing driver, had a unique steering wheel made for his car. Aside from being a smaller diameter than a conventional racing wheel of the day, the most distinctive part was the large diameter handgrip that made the car far easier to drive. It attracted the attention of many racing drivers, amongst them John Surtees, who drove for the Ferrari F1 team at the time, and had the Moretti wheel fitted to his 1964 race car.

In 1966 a plant in Tregnano, near Verona, Italy, was opened to produce these steering wheels, giving birth to MOMO (initials that stand for MORETTI-MONZA). The first order was from Ferrari, who had decided to use MOMO steering wheels on all its racing cars. With this formidable entrée, MOMO began to scale the international market. The steering wheel range broadened and production diversified, with the company starting to produce light alloy road wheels.

The importance of design in the success of MOMO products led to the creation of a separate division, MOMO DESIGN, in 1982. And the following year saw the birth of MOMO CORSE, specialising in the production and distribution of high technology racing equipment. Today, MOMO is a global brand, representing the pinnacle in high-style accessories, tuning products and race equipment, designed for real enthusiasts and manufactured with the same passion that started the ball rolling over 40 years ago.

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